Monday, April 9, 2012

Hollywood Half Marathon Race Report

The Hollywood Half was AWESOME! The Hollywood Half was an inaugural race, it is also directed by Ken Nwadike. Ken is runner himself and has a  pregnant wife who’s name is Sabrina. Ken let runners pick a lot of factors of the race like what the medal should look like, or what color should the running jacket be. Ken also extended the race deadline in respect of parents running with strollers.
Miles 1-3 were fairly easy for me because the road ran through Universal Studios City Walk so there were a lot of lights to look at and entertain you while you were running by them. The other good thing about this part of the race is its all down hill :) and I was running around 8 minute miles!
Miles 4-6
At the beginning of mile four I felt something  in my bladder.... Oh No! While I was waiting in line I saw a few homeless people and I suddenly heard my friend Jessica yell “Come on Colby!” And I decided I could hold it. Jessica and I were running about 8:20 minute miles now since the course wasn’t down hill anymore and there were some ups and downs.

WOW! I just saw the lead runners they both looked like Kenyans and they were about a foot apart! Thats going to be a close finish!

Miles 7-10
At mile 7 I was still running with Jessica and she was talking about her  crazy quest to do 30 marathons in 30 different states in one year! And then I asked her about the Boston Marathon and if she is going to do it and she said “Yes” and showed me how to drink from a water cup while running. At mile 10 I had to stop and walk for a bit because I was having cramps and it was effecting my breathing.

Miles 11-13.1
“here comes the hill!” I said to myself. Around mile 11 the aid stations ran out of water cups, so there were groups of boxes with gallons of water in them so runners could open and drink from them. Thats a real time killer if your going for a PR (personel record). As I was getting closer to the finish, somebody yelled “Only half a mile to go!”  When I heard that I put my head down and ignored my legs screaming in agony. In the end I finished in 2:02 and placed 24th in my age division (19 and under)!

Jessica and I having a great time
Coming in for a red carpet finish!