Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nanny Goat 2012


Nanny Goat is a blast! The Nanny Goat course is a 1 mile loop, and you can sign up for either the 12 hour, 24 hour, or 100mile race. Nanny Goat is basically a party the whole race =D. I wasn’t running the race but my parents were doing the 24 hour race! One cool thing about Nanny Goat is that you sleep in horse stalls which are in a barn or outside in your tent. The best part about Nanny Goat for parents is you can drop your kids off and they can play with all the other kids.
Making my signs for Nanny Goat
 I made 5 signs for the race with different goat jokes on them, I would go about .1 out on the course and cheered with a cow bell and a few of the signs. The good thing about cheering is that it is not only fun but it helps the runners when they are going through pain. After about 2 hours of cheering I went with several of the kids and we went and bounced on the trampoline and cheered the runners while bouncing! Probably the best part of playing with the other kids was swimming =D we swam for about an hour and a half.

Ed and I before the race
 After swimming me and my friends Dylan, Gionni, and Noah cheered and brought out water bottles for the runners:). Just before the 12 hour mark my mom and dad had just crossed the 50 mile marker! And my friend Ed “the jester” Ettinghausen had done 60 miles! Several times during the race I got the opportunity to pace my mom, dad, and Ed. I ran 12 laps total.When I was getting ready for bed an extremely nice runner ran up to me and gave me a bag of M&Ms and said thank you for cheering, this really made my night.

So I woke up at around 7:00 AM and got out of my tent to see my parents finish their 80th mile! My parents ran 80 miles in under 23 hours!!! When my mom took off her shoes i saw several blisters the size of marsh mellows, AKA battle scars :)! For all the crazies out there if you have a chance sign of for Nanny Goat, you won’t regret it!