Monday, March 26, 2012

Run The Marina Half Marathon

Run The Marina is AMAZING! Run The Marina is directed by Charlie Alewine Racing (CAR), the races are inexpensive and very low key. The Half marathon course is three big loops and the marathon is six. The first part of the loop goes around a fire station then goes through a neighborhood until you reach a turn around and go back to the aid stations. After that you run by a HUGE marina and you run up a bridge and then turn around.

Its 6:00 A.M. and I’m looking around seeing if I have a chance to be in the top three runners because the top three get trophies.

1, 2, 3 GO! I took off running in the front with my friend Deo (Deo has earned ten stars in the Marathon Maniacs several times and has done about three hundred marathons). I was feeling pretty good until I reached the Marina and felt like I was going to have to stop and barf in one of the trees.

Mile 4-8
I lost Deo after the first four miles and a girl doing the half marathon started getting closer and closer so I decided that I was going to try to lose her so she isn’t any trouble in the home stretch. Swoosh! I just passed the half way point and the girl was creeping up. Once she got next to me we started talking to each other and we would ask each other questions like in your opinion what is the worst part of the course? At mile seven I lost her and again I was close to the aid station, good I had enough time to grab water.

Mile 8-13.1
I was in first by a land slide from mile nine to ten but I was losing energy and the wind was strong so it felt like I was running with weights on my shoulders and it was harsh. Now I was at about mile 11.5 and another runner came by and gave me one of her GU chomps mmm apple I was chewing on those until mile 12.5 when I started going a bit faster and the girl was in sight but I was well ahead of her. Right when I saw the finish line I put on my warrior face and started sprinting. Bam! I finished in 1:56:14 coming in first place!!! I just won a half marathon! and I beat second place by about 2 minutes and third place by about six minutes. I was overjoyed when I crossed the finish. I was the only person under eighteen at the race and I just won it !!!

After the race I hung out at the aid station with Charlie, my dad, and my sister. About two hours later, Deo came in he finished in three hours forty four minutes and won the marathon! Deo was ecstatic that he not only did a sub four hour marathon, but he won the marathon too.

Shortly after Deo finished the marathon, a Jeep was pulling out of its parking spot and a Moped came flying by and hits the Jeep and the Moped rider flies over the Jeeps hood and landed hard on the cement. Charlie called 911 and me and my dad rushed over to help him, his whole body was fine except his knee, the paramedic said he had a soft tissue injury.

After the accident I ran on the course to look for my mom so I could finish with her. She was at about mile 26 when I caught her and we finished the race together. She finished in 5:19:40 :) it was her second marathon of the weekend. It was a great day.

Deo and I

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